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My bare ofc 2016

This is what my Godfrey, Illinois home office looked like a month ago - very empty!

Office 2016

I like to set up my desk in an "L" or "U" configuration. I found the perfect white desk at My hubby did a great job of assembling the parts!


I have a hanging file folder drawer for all my card stocks. There is a handy shallow drawer for paper punches and embellishments.


This view shows the entire "U," and our sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Maxie!! This is definitely the nicest stamping office I've ever had!! There is a lovely view out the front of the house so I can see the US mail and UPS deliveries! There is a hanging wren house waiting for occupancy! I'm still stocking this office - I'm one of Nancy's best customers! LOL We will spend summers in this home near our family and new grandaughter - and winters in Punta Gorda, FL away from the snow and ice. I'm very grateful.


So excited for you!!!! Your room looks so inviting and organized!!!! Maxie is a great addition that just makes it!!!! Happy stamping in your new "play room"!!!

That is wonderful !! Very functional ! Enjoy your time in there !

Looks great, so nice and comfortable to get to all your supplies. And I love your boss, they are the best. My Pom always goes with me down stairs and keeps most of the other dogs at bay. As if to say, Mom is busy leave her alone. They are such a joy to love and be loved by them.
Enjoy Nancy.

Well done! Always fun to start from scratch when you kinda know what works for you.
Doesn't look like you'll ever need to get out of your chair Nancy!!!

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