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I'm back...

Exterior front

I'm back online after relocating to the small town of Godfrey, IL near our new grandbaby!! We will be snowbirds. We live in half of a duplex in a homeowner's association...that means NO LAWN MOWING for us!! I have a tiny bit of flower gardening space to dabble with if I choose.

Back view

This is the back of our home with a walk-out basement. We have a gorgeous view of a hilly, wooded golf course. I love all the birds! The neighbor has 3 VERY active hummingbird feeders which are quite entertaining! Hummers are tenacious and the only birds that can fly backwards!


We are beginning to feel settled with medicinal chocolate in the refrig!

My bare ofc 2016
Here is my bare, echoing office....impatiently waiting for my new U-shaped desk to arrive. My hubby will need to assemble it. He has been the "BESTEST" husband - hanging hooks, setting up and assembling a variety of necessities without a single complaint!!

First motel stay June 2016

Some of you have asked about Maxie. HE did so well on his 17 hour drive north and first motel stay!! Here he is in the motel, VERY HAPPY to find his precious "Mr. Squirrel" came along too!

Bath at 8 weeks

AND here is the reason for our summer relocation - LILY, our first grandchild!! At 8 weeks she loves her bath time!! She has changed so much and is starting to coo and smile! She is such a JOY to us!!





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