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What's Max doing?

In pool first time

Max is our 5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Max was NOT elated with his first time in the pool! We had him sit on the top step for 10 minutes in the warm water. We want him to learn where the steps are located and that's how to get out of the pool. Two minutes after he got out, Max was back on "lizard patrol!" He doesn't eat lizards, but can't resist catching them. Currently we have dwindling numbers of "dumb" baby lizards.


Max loves to nap in my stamping office! He ALWAYS make a nice "pillow" with his blanket! He is a very good boy. We enjoy him so much!


What a sweet boy! Love him!

Love it!! Miss you!! 😊💜

Maggie can relate to Max's less than enthusiastic response to the water. We wanted to make sure she understood "swimming" and, like you, wanted to make sure she knew where the steps were. I held her and slowly put her in the water.She was a wreck. She got herself out but I guess she was so stressed that she strained her back! That's when we bought steps for her to get on and off the bed so as not to re-injure her back. After that episode she eventually got on the float with her Daddy once or twice but then she made the decision she didn't even want to do that! She swim in the Gulf at the doggie beach if Mark and I are both in the water, which thrills us! It only took 8 years for her to get this far!

Max is adorable! Love it when you have a stamp buddy to keep you company!!!!

Cute pictures of both of you ! So happy he's good and enjoying being a part of your family. We get to puppy sit Roni and that's fun.

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