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Midwest Travels

Midwest Travels

Ruby Falls 2015

Early June 2015, Dean and I headed north by car to visit family & friends.


Our first visit was daughter, Katie and her hubby, Tim. They took us to the CITY MUSEUM at 750 North 16th St., St. Louis, MO. In the background you see the old 10 story International Shoe Factory that houses City Museum. See the School Bus hanging over the top corner of the building? That's part of this gigantic interactive playground. A better name would be a "amusement park of unrelated recycled junk!" It's weird and fun!


On the City Museum roof, you climb UP a cage and then SLIDE DOWN right under the cage. This is Dean being a kid again! Too high for me!!!

Tower 2

 Katie and Dean climbing into a giant cage on the roof for this picture...


...say "CHEESE!"

Dean 2

A giant playground for kids of all ages! City kids can do what

country kids do - climb in barn, hop across creeks, explore caves.


Back in the building, I could not resist this silliness!

Fat Tire beer

Dean had a FAT TIRE BEER to relax!

Rolling chair

These TWIRLING, TIPPING chairs felt like you were falling over backward...then swiveled around!! GIGGLES!!!



This sign spoke to me!! We didn't have time to see everything - like the 7 story SLIDE! We highly recommend the CITY MUSEUM

for kids of all ages!!

Check back for my next post on

our vacation time in Minnesota!


Great to see Katie and looks like you had a fun time. Would love to take Logan when he gets a little older. It was great being with everyone at Scott and Diane's. They stopped at the cabin on Sun. Quick stop and nice they took the time for a short visit.

Super fun pics great to see you and Dean And Katie in those fun things to do

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