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Shimmery Shaving Cream Technique Tutorial


This is an olde technique with a new spin -  Shimmery White Cardstock!! Create INTERESTING papers that will match your cardstocks.GET MESSY!

You need:

    * Shallow dish

    * Cheap aerosol Shaving Cream

    * Table knife

    * Reinkers

    * Paper Towel

    * Shimmery White Cardstock


Spray a layer of shaving cream in the shallow dish making it slightly larger that your cardstock.


With the knife, smooth the shaving cream fairly flat.


Add drops of your chosen colors of reinkers.

I used Bermuda Bay and Tangelo Twist.


Use the knife to cut through the colors moving it around.

I did straight lines here.


Press Shimmery Cardstock flat into the "mess," pressing out all the air.


Lift up the cardstock and use the knive to wipe off most of the shaving cream. Save the shaving cream on the side of the contain.


Blot and wipe off the remaining shaving cream. Dry flat.


Keep using the shaving cream by swirling the colors again.


This is my second print. Each will be very different.


Add more color anytime.


I swirled diagonally this time.


  I made these 6 very different prints from one spraying of shaving cream! You can see how the color evolves! It's sooo fun to experiment with different color combos! For clean up - rinse down the drain. TIP: Whisper White Cardstock gets very soggy and curls. The Shimmery White Cardstock has a better finish and doesn't curl so much. The shimmer will still show through! NOTE to Demonstrators: my club did this technique and had lots of fun! Everyone brought their own shallow dish and 2 cans of shaving cream was more than enough for 6 people.

COMING NEXT: see what I made with my prints!!

Shimmery White Cardstock

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Beautiful prints pretty colors the shimmer paper inspires me to try it 😀

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