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Our new addition, MAX

Coming home Mar.28, 2015

I'm thrilled to announce the new addition to our home, Lord Maximus Aurelius, aka MAX! He is a four year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a real charmer! He's on the small side of the breed at just 10 pounds.

First brft out mar. 29, 2015

He's taken a real shine to my hubby, Dean! What a thrill! Retirement is a wonderful time to have a pet.


Max LOVES walks! Here he is camouflaged in the leaves! We are off on new adventures!


He is such a sweet little guy. He is so lucky to have such a loving new home. All the best.

I had the honor of meeting Max just yesterday... what a beautiful, sweet dog. He will thrive under the love and care of his new Mom and Dad!

Hhes beautiful I'm so happy you are enjoying Max so much great pics😍

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