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Challenging YOU...

This challenge is for you:

PLEASE, PLEASE send a hand stamped Valentine to someone who is ill, lonely, grieving, in a nursing home, ETC. Brighten someone's day with an UNEXPECTED card! You have more power than you know to cheer another. I have a stack of Valentine Cards going out...but the 3 most IMPORTANT are going to three ladies in their nineties in care facilities! Leave a comment for me.



Great idea! Will do!

Nancy, thank you for doing this. I am 46 years old and have been a widow for just over 7 years. Valentine's Day is hard time, young or old. Sounds like many people will be blessed through you and your challenge.

I'm in Nancy on that challenge! I'm making my list now, great idea. I had a Stamp-A-Stack last year and Denise B attended and usually doesn't send Valentines so she sent all she made to the Veteran's Hospital for them to distribute. She received back a wonderful Thank You letter! Another Great idea!

Love this idea! It's so easy to get wrapped up in our daily lives, that we forget what a simple card can mean to someone. And, in this business, it's so easy to brighten someone's day! Thanks for the reminder!!

I had already been thinking that I would like to send valentine's to all of the widow ladies that I know. Many of them are from church and are up there in years. I think they would like knowing that someone thinks of them.

GREAT IDEA!!!!!! :O)

Good idea Nancy. I am going to hand deliver mine to a gentleman I met at the gym. He is recuperating from an operation and is in a rehab because he lives alone.....oh did I mention he is 100 years old!

Great idea Nancy! I'll make a few more cards to sent out to brighten someones day!

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