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Orchid excitement!

2013-09-19 001 020
I have long enjoyed gardening! I've been learning about Orchids for a year now and own 9. This is my pride and joy!! Wish this were SMELL-A-VISION because this orchid smells like lilacs!

2013-09-19 001 019
My plant has SEVEN flower stalks, two of which are just opening!! The secret: weekly liquid fertilizer during the growing season.

2013-09-19 001 021
Caladiums, also known as Elephant Ears, do very well here in Florida, also! They are sooo colorful!

2013-09-19 001 006
This is also a Caladium, called AFRICAN MASK. It's dominant veining is striking! I try to do most of my gardening INSIDE of the screens. It's rather buggy here, near the Creek. Bugs love me. What are your favorite plants?


All the plants are beautiful, but the orchids are especially gorgeous! I would say, you have a definite green thumb ! Thanks for sharing!

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