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My BIG news!
Hello October!

My FIRST stamp carving!

2013-09-15 001 011
WHAT shall I carve with Stampin' Up!'s NEW "Undefined" Stamp Carving Kit?? Well...outside my stamp office window is one of my favorite plants - the Caladium or Elephant Ears. So I plucked a baby leaf and went to work!

2013-09-15 001 012
First, I drew my leaf onto paper with a REGULAR OLDE PENCIL. (I have NO drawing skills - Zilch!) I flipped over the design and placed the pencil side down onto the carving rubber and simply rubbed the paper to transfer the image.

2013-09-15 001 013
Using the two rubber carving tools from the kit, I carved away the rubber to leave the outline. It was very easy to carve - I was pleasantly surprised!

2013-09-15 001 014
After carving, I mounted the rubber onto the foam and printed the wooden block. Lastly, I mounted the rubber/foam onto the wooden block. DONE! Darn easy! Now to play!!

2013-09-15 001 015
Here is my finished card!! I'm pretty proud of my first carving!! What shall I carve next?? Do you need an unusual image?? Carve it!! Have an unsual name? Carve it!! Need an unusual gift?? Send it!! This kit comes in a nice gift box! TRY IT!!

UNDEFINED Stamp Carving Kit #133402  $19.95

UNDEFINED Stamp Carving REFILL Kit #134808  $9.95




Wow! I wonder when we will get the undefined kit? We are always that wee bit behind over here.

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