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Memo Board Tutorial

I needed a MEMO BOARD for more card display area in my stamping office. My supplies: 32" X 40" foam core board, fabric, ribbon, buttons, strong thread & needle, ruler, scissors, duct tape, hot glue gun, 3M Command Strips for hanging.

After pressing the fabric, I laid the board on top of it and trimmed the fabric 2" larger than the board on all sides.

I laid out my Stampin' Up! Pool Party 3/8" Ruffled Ribbon 8" apart in a diagonal grid pattern, working from the middle outward to do the longest strips of ribbon first.

I anchored each ribbon with duct tape as I worked to keep them in place.

I laid out my Stampin' Up! Brights Designer Buttons at each ribbon junction.

Using heavy quilting thread, all I needed was ONE stitch thru all layers to hold each button in place.

I flipped everything over and "tried" duct taping the edges to the back.

The duct tape didn't stick as firmly as I wanted for my warm, humid climate. I replaced it with high temp hot glue on both fabric and ribbon ends pulling snugly around to the backside of the board. Much better for this particular fabric!

Lastly, I hot glued another smaller button of a different color to each large button.

Using 3M Command Strips, I attached my NEW MEMO BOARD to the wall. Now it's time to fill it with inspirational ideas! I'm very happy with the results and my office has much more vertical display area! How did I do??


Wonderful job! Looks so pretty, love the ribbon color and the buttons :)

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