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Cheerful bow!
Texture time

Bow Tutorial


This Bow idea is credited to Elizabeth Price, friend and Stampin' Up! Artisan Award Winner. Today I'll give you tips to create yesterday's CUTE bow which will top a little kraft gift box. Start by carefully opening the glued side of the Kraft Gift Box #124106 and laying it flat.

Decorate your box by wheeling on a design. Use a ruler as a guide to roll straight. I used Music Notes Wheel #120327.

Next, punch four ovals and one small circle. I used the Extra-Large Oval Punch #119859, but any size oval will work.

Use a Bone Folder against your thumb to curve two of the ovals. Snip a fishtail into one end of the other two ovals with any size Square Punch.

Join the tips of each curved oval with a Glue Dot.

Put a Glue Dot on the opposite end of each fishtailed oval. Place one folded oval on top matching the edges.

Line up the tips of the ovals and top with a small circle using a Glue Dot. There is the bow!! You try it!

Here is my finished Kraft Gift Box with a Calypso Coral sponged flower and Calypso Coral Butterfly!


So cute...after all the years of stamping you would think ideas would run dry but you creative people keep bringing them to us! Thank you Nancy!!

Cool bow and box, thanks for the info, will try that soon :)

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