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My Brother, Jeff Lillie

The END of South!

We've just returned from "The Conch Republic," aka Key West! It's a VERY interesting Laid-back island only 2 miles by 4 miles! Current population 2300. The FAMOUS Duval Street is about 1.25 miles long and has over 150 bars...that tells you what they do in Key West! After all, it's warm and you need fluids!!

Key West was discovered in 1513 by Ponce de Leon, and was first called Cayo Hueso, Spanish meaning Island of Bones, probably Indian burial grounds. There was no fresh drinking water until 1942!!!! They used rainwater. Now water is piped down from the mainland 137 miles!

There are three bars in this corner building. See the next pic to learn about the upstairs...

I did NOT go upstairs!! What a town! Anything goes!


In early days, Cock Fighting was popular. When it became illegal, the roosters were forgotten. So now they roam freely and ...


Route 1 ends in this Southern Most City in the USA! Elevation is 16' which is NOT MUCH when a hurricane hits!

There are lots of surprises in this unique city...I found my hubby flirting with Marilyn Monroe!!

We went to the top of the lovely old La Concha Hotel to watch the sunset. There was a BIG fire in 1859 that burned for 8 hours and destroyed 71 buildings and 40 outhouses. Now code enforces metal roofs on all buildings which I think gives a nice quaint uniform look.

Key West's record low temp is 41 and record high is 97. We had a great adventure in the Conch Republic! Stop back for my Marathon, FL pictures tomorrow!


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